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Hillsdale/US-101 Bicycle/Pedestrian Bridge Project


Construct a pedestrian/bicycle bridge south of the Hillsdale/US-101 interchange structure connecting to East Hillsdale Court (west side) and the intersection of Norfolk/Hillsdale (east side). The connection will be a Class I path. Currently, bicyclists and pedestrians use the existing overcrossing structure with 3 foot sidewalks, freeway ramp crossings, and no bicycle lanes. The proposed project will allow for safe and unimpeded pedestrian/bicycle crossing of US-101 by separating pedestrian/bicycle traffic from the high vehicular volumes at the Hillsdale Boulevard interchange. 

County San Mateo
Sponsor San Mateo City
Created 7/31/2018
Updated 7/31/2018


Status City
Hillsdale/US-101 Bicycle/Pedestrian Bridge Project
Created 7/31/2018 Updated 8/9/2018
Approved San Mateo