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Moorland Pedestrian and School Access


The project proposes to construct 5300' of sidewalks along Moorland Avenue between West Robles Avenue and Todd Road. In addition, the project will enhance a route from Moorland Avenue to Bellevue Elementary School by constructing a 700' Class I path to connect West Robles Avenue to Oasis Drive, a connection which is not currently possible. The route to school will also include elimination of 850' of sidewalk gaps along the north side of Robles Avenue, and install crosswalks and rectangular rapid flashing beacons (RRFBs) at the intersections of West Robles Avenue/Dutton Avenue and Oasis Drive/Primrose Avenue.

County Sonoma
Sponsor Sonoma County
Created 7/31/2018
Updated 7/31/2018


Status City
Moorland Pedestrian and School Access
Created 8/17/2018 Updated 8/17/2018
In Progress Sonoma County