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West Sebastopol Bicycle Connectivity and Pedestrian Enhancements


The project proposes to add the following bicycle and pedestrian improvements in west Sebastopol and unincorporated Sonoma County: 1) Bodega Avenue: approximately 0.9 miles of bike lanes between Ragle Road and Dutton Avenue, a multi-use path on the south side of Bodega Avenue between the City/County line and Ragle Road, 188' of sidewalk, a traffic signal at the Bodega Avenue/Ragle Road intersection, pedestrian beacons at the Bodega Avenue/Robinson Avenue and Bodega Avenue/Washington Avenue intersections, a HAWK signal at the intersection of Bodega Avenue/Nelson Way, 2) Ragle Road: 6800' miles of bike lanes on Ragle Road between Bodega Avenue and Mill Station Road, 1187' of sidewalks, a bicycle/pedestrian pathway between Ragle Ranch Park and Mill Station Road, widen existing path in Ragle Ranch Park; 3) Mill Station Road: construct a multi-use path on Mill Station Road between Ragle Road and SR 116.

County Sonoma
Sponsor Sonoma County
Created 7/31/2018
Updated 7/31/2018


Status City
West Sebastopol Bicycle Connectivity and Pedestrian Enhancements
Created 8/17/2018 Updated 8/17/2018
In Progress Sonoma County