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Marin County North‐South Greenway Gap Closure Project


The North-South Greenway Gap Closure Project includes a series of bicycle and pedestrian improvements that will connect the recently constructed Central Marin Ferry Connection (CMFC) to the existing bike and pedestrian facilities at Wornum Drive. The project was previously part of a larger project known has the Highway 101 Greenbae/Twin Cities Corridor Improvement Project, and has spanned more than 10 years of planning. These efforts resulted in the prioritization of the project as the top ATP application for both the Town of Corte Madera and City of Larkspur. The project involves a wide range of stakeholders such as the Town of Corte Madera, City of Larkspur, SMART, Transportation Authority of Marin, Caltrans, Bay Trail, local citizens, advocacy groups, and school parents.

The purpose of the project is to improve pedestrian and bicycle connectivity and recreation between the northbound US 101 off-ramp structure and the existing bicycle and pedestrian facilities at Wornum Drive. The non-existent or substandard bicycle and pedestrian facilities connecting the two locations do not promote the safe and efficient use of alternative non-motorized modes of transportation through the project area. The Gap Closure Project addressees these issues by creating a separated pathway and upgrading intersection safety for bicyclists and pedestrians.

In addition to closing the Gap between the US 101 off-ramp and Wornum Drive, the Project sits at the nexus of five active transportation pathways and routes routinely used for more than 1.6 million active transportation users per year. The North-South Greenway Gap Closure project will serve students from four schools within a mile of the project, transit users, elderly citizens, commuters, and TOD residents in central Marin County.

County Marin
Sponsor Marin County
Created 8/9/2018
Updated 8/9/2018


Status City