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Saratoga Village Pedestrian Enhancement Phase 2 Project


The Saratoga Village Pedestrian Enhancement Project is located at the Saratoga Village Center on Big Basin Way between Saratoga-Los Gatos Road and 6th Street. This project will consist of pedestrian enhancements including street crossing improvements and minor sidewalk repair, bicycle enhancements including bike racks, and transit improvements including bus shelters and enhanced pedestrian travel routes to existing bus stops.

The Village is the historical downtown center of Saratoga and is the main corridor for local retail and professional offices. Businesses found along this road include fine restaurants, salons, galleries, home furniture show rooms, bakeries, coffee shops, banks, and delis. This project will greatly improve patron safety along this major activity center and enhance Saratoga’s pedestrian-friendly environment. This project will also link the high pedestrian volume sidewalks in the district to bicycle and transit facilities, creating alternatives to automobile access to the area
This project will enhance the existing streetscape with the following elements:
*Bus shelter on Saratoga Ave Road (one is proposed in Phase 1 see plans)
*Textured crosswalks at the Sunnyvale-Saratoga Road/Big Basin Way intersection
*Minor sidewalk widening and repair
*Pedestrian crossing enhancements at up to 4 locations on Big Basin Way including warning systems (embedded lights) and bulbouts
*Creation of a pedestrian plaza alongside Blaney Plaza similar to a “Woonwef” (which is shared spaces: conventional street in residential area with pedestrian priority). Which will consist of special toned vehicular paving on Hwy 9 along side Blaney Plaza.

County Santa Clara
Sponsor Saratoga
Created 5/6/2010
Updated 5/6/2010


Status City
Saratoga Village Pedestrian Enhancment Phase 2 Project
Created 5/6/2010 Updated 6/29/2010
Approved Saratoga