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Bicycle and Pedestrian Projects.

County Solano
Sponsor Solano Transportation Authority
Created 6/14/2010
Updated 6/14/2010


Status City
Suisun: Grizzly Island Trail - Phase 1
Created 6/15/2010 Updated 10/13/2010
Approved Suisun City
Vacaville-Dixon Bike Route - Phase 5
Created 6/15/2010 Updated 10/13/2010
Vallejo: Downtown Streetscape
Created 6/21/2010 Updated 10/13/2010
Approved Vallejo
Vallejo: Vallejo Station - Pedestrian Links
Created 6/21/2010 Updated 10/13/2010
Approved Vallejo
West Texas Gateway Access Improvments
Created 8/8/2011 Updated 8/8/2011
In Progress Fairfield
Dixon West B Street Bicycle/Pedestrian Undercrossing
Created 10/14/2011 Updated 10/14/2011
Submitted Dixon
Lake Herman Road Bike Path
Created 8/27/2012 Updated 8/27/2012
Submitted Solano County
Vallejo Downtown Streetscape (Phase 3)
Created 11/2/2012 Updated 11/2/2012
Submitted Vallejo
Rio Vista Multi-Use Public Promenade
Created 12/18/2012 Updated 12/18/2012
Submitted Rio Vista
Sunnyvale Safe Routes to School Improvements
Created 6/9/2016 Updated 6/9/2016
In Progress Sunnyvale
Walnut Avenue Complete Streets Improvement Project
Created 6/14/2016 Updated 6/14/2016
Approved Fremont
Laurie Meadows Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety Improvement Project
Created 10/11/2016 Updated 10/11/2016
Submitted San Mateo
Willow/Palm Avenue Sidewalk Project
Created 11/16/2016 Updated 11/16/2016
In Progress Hercules
Camino Pablo Bike Route Improvements
Created 11/18/2016 Updated 11/18/2016
In Progress Orinda