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Burlingame Priority Development Area Business District Lighting


This project is a streetscape project that entails the replacement of aging pedestrian street lighting with new, safer, brighter lighting within the Burlingame Avenue and Broadway Districts of Burlingame. The project will require the replacement of 35+ year-old lighting fixtures with new light-emitting diode (LED) units. Approximately 141 lighting units and 50 poles will need to be replaced as part of this project. The project is broken into three areas. First, it encompasses Burlingame Avenue, between El Camino Real and California Drive (from east to west); and from Chapin Avenue to Howard Avenue (from north to south). Second, it encompasses the Broadway district from El Camino Real to California Drive. Third, the project includes a portion of California Drive between the two districts.

County San Mateo
Sponsor Burlingame
Created 6/15/2010
Updated 6/15/2010


Status City
Burlingame PDA Ped-level Lighting
Created 10/27/2010 Updated 12/12/2012
In Progress Burlingame
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Created 11/1/2016 Updated 11/1/2016
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