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2010 Street Resurfacing Project - Various Streets


Install AC Resurfacing including Mobilization & Demobilization, Public Notification, Traffic Control, Concrete Work, AC Work, Pavement Milling, Digout repairs, Adjust Utility fame & covers to grade, new Striping & all incidentals for the following locations:

Holly Ave (Old Mission Road - Hillside Blvd), Arroyo Dr (Junipero Serra Blvd - Camaritas Dr), Grand Ave (Spruce Ave - Airport Blvd), Fairway Dr (Ponderosa Rd - West Orange Ave), Huntington Ave (South Spruce Ave - Noor Ave), Camaritas Avenue (Hickey Blvd. - Alta Loma Dr.), Alta Loma Drive (Camaritas Ave. - Del Monte Ave.), Del Monte Avenue (Alta Loma Dr. - San Felipe), Hilton Avenue (Hickey Blvd. - Newman Dr.), Newman Drive (Hilton Ave. - Clay Ave.), and Alta Mesa Drive (Arroyo Dr. - Newman Dr.)

County San Mateo
Sponsor South San Francisco
Created 6/16/2010
Updated 6/16/2010


Status City
2010 Street Resurfacing Project - Various Streets
Created 9/29/2010 Updated 10/20/2010
Approved South San Francisco
Woodland Avenue Sidewalk Improvement Project
Created 8/1/2011 Updated 10/14/2011
Submitted Menlo Park
West Fremont Road Pathways Project
Created 7/23/2014 Updated 7/23/2014
In Progress