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San Bruno Various Streets Resurfacing


Place an asphalt concrete overlay and install new curb ramps on portions of several roadways in the City of San Bruno. The asphalt concrete overlay work generally consists of placing and compacting a 2-inch overlay with Type A asphalt concrete (no paving fabric), wedge grinding at existing gutters and conforms (1.5” deep), pavement base repairs (maximum excavation depth of 8” with not more than 4” into subbase materials), crack sealing, raising existing utility frames and covers to grade, replacing striping and pavement markings in kind and replacing any impacted traffic detector loops. Install new ADA mandated curb ramps at intersections with no existing ramps prior to or concurrent with the proposed paving work. No sidewalk repair will occur under this contract.

County San Mateo
Sponsor San Bruno
Created 6/21/2010
Updated 6/21/2010


Status City
San Bruno Various Streets Resurfacing
Created 6/29/2010 Updated 10/14/2011
Submitted San Bruno