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Transit Corridor Pedestrian Connection Improvement Project


The project is proposes to plant approximately 50 trees within the project area. Specifically these trees will be planted along San Bruno Avenue and Huntington Avenue to provide a buffer between the roadway and the sidewalk and to provide a visual link of the pedestrian way. New benches will also be installed along San Bruno Avenue and Huntington Avenue with these street trees to provide areas for pedestrian refuge and opportunities for people to enjoy the street activity. The pedestrian refuge area will also include new garbage/recycling containers.

The project area includes two under crossings at I-380, one at El Camino Real and one at Huntington Avenue. These under crossings are dark and not inviting for pedestrians. The project will install a new in ground lighted sidewalk at the under crossing along El Camino Real. The lighted sidewalk will not only provide a safer environment, it will also provide visual interest in the area. The project also includes a new mural along the walls of the under crossing at El Camino to liven up this area. The under crossing at Huntington is wider and not as dark as the El Camino under crossing. At this site, the project includes new landscape bulb-outs at each of the four corners of the under crossing. This new landscaping improvements will reflect an investment in the area with a high quality visual appearance and will help create a safer environment.

The project also includes new way-finding directional signage. The signage is designed to be contemporary and provided much needed direction between residential neighborhoods, parks, office complexes, the downtown, shopping centers and transit centers (BART, CalTrain and SamTrans). The signage will be placed at the corner of El Camino Real and San Bruno Avenue, the corner of Huntington Avenue and San Bruno Avenue and along Huntington Avenue south of the I-380 under crossing.

County San Mateo
Sponsor San Bruno
Created 6/25/2010
Updated 6/25/2010


Status City
Transit Corridor Pedestrian Connection Improvement
Created 6/25/2010 Updated 10/14/2011
Submitted San Bruno