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California Avenue District Bike Station


The City of Palo Alto is planning to transform two of the existing surface parking lots in the California Avenue District along Sherman Avenue to provide a new Public Safety Building and a three-story parking structure. The City of Palo Alto is using the opportunity to enhance the future parking structure to include a Bike Station on the ground floor. The Bike Station is envisioned to encompass approximately 4,700 square feet and is designed to provide bicycle services such as valet and storage of up to 300 bikes, a repair shop, bike share, and classes or events. With the California Avenue Caltrain station just 700 feet from the proposed project and a weekly Farmers Market, the Bike Station will complement the existing transit and bicycle facilities as an end of trip supporting facility. By encouraging bicycle use through provision of highly attractive, easy to access, and attractive amenities, the Bike Station will enable more cyclists to access the California Avenue district and Caltrain thereby reducing vehicle miles travel and air emissions.

The Bike Station is a separate project that will be planned concurrently with the parking garage project.

County Santa Clara
Sponsor Palo Alto
Created 7/28/2016
Updated 7/28/2016


Status City
California Avenue District Bike Station
Created 7/28/2016 Updated 7/28/2016
Approved Palo Alto