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Mission Road Pedestrian & Bicycle Improvements Project


Mission Road Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvements Project involves implementation of a number of safety related improvements for the pedestrians, bicyclists and vehicles along Mission Road between El Camino Real and Lawndale Boulevard. The anticipated improvements include relocation and reconstruction of the existing curb, gutter, sidewalk and non-ADA compliant ramps and driveway approaches, addition of new sidewalk to provide continuous safe and accessible pedestrian route, extension of Class II bicycle lanes on northbound direction, construction of bulbouts and high visibility crosswalks with rectangular rapid flashing beacons, installation of energy efficient street lights, and construction of landscape planters for drainage and stormwater treatment purposes. These improvements will address the safety concerns expressed by the community and improve the accessibility of the pedestrian and bicycle facilities in compliance with San Mateo County Comprehensive Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan and Town of Colma’s Circulation Plan including Complete Streets and Green Infrastructure Policies.

County San Mateo
Sponsor Colma
Created 10/14/2016
Updated 11/17/2016


Status City
Mission Road Pedestrian & Bicycle Improvements Project
Created 10/14/2016 Updated 11/17/2016
In Progress Colma