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101 Woodside Class I Bikeway


Construct approximately 1,800 linear feet (0.34 miles) of Class I Bikeway as part of the United States Highway 101 (US 101)/State Route (SR) 84 (Woodside Road) Interchange Improvement Project.

The US 101/Woodside Road interchange is at the junction of several closely spaced street and ramp intersections where drivers experience peak-period delays. Congestion on the local streets and interchange ramps causes backups for vehicles entering the project area from US 101. The interchange vicinity lacks bicycle and pedestrian facilities. No designated bicycle or pedestrian facilities provide access across US 101 in the project area.

The Project would construct a new Class I Bikeway on the west side of Woodside Road, which would connect Veterans Boulevard and continue along the UPRR tracks that cross under US 101 to the Seaport Boulevard/East Bayshore Road/Blomquist Street intersection. The expected benefits include new bicycle and pedestrian connections and improved safety for bicyclists and pedestrians due to the reduction in exposure to vehicular conflicts. The Project would provide direct access to the Broadway/Veterans Corridor PDA.

This Project provides a separate, safe Class I Bikeway facility crossing US 101, where no designated bicycle or pedestrian facility exists. It relates directly to the OBAG 2 BPIP goals to encourage active transportation, build out the bicycle and pedestrian network, and reduce vehicle trips by providing new opportunities for safe bicycle and pedestrian travel - by all user groups - to and from residential, commercial, office, industrial, and retail uses near the 101/Woodside Interchange. The Project is part of the larger bicycle and pedestrian improvements element of the 101/Woodside Project.

County San Mateo
Sponsor Redwood City
Created 11/14/2016
Updated 11/18/2016


Status City
101 Woodside Class i Bikeway Checklist
Created 11/14/2016 Updated 11/18/2016
Submitted Redwood City