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Monument Boulevard Class I Path


This project provides safe walking and biking routes from within the Monument Corridor Community of Concern and provides safe routes to transit access to Concord BART. The project creates a safe, continuous pedestrian and bicycle route to the BART station through installation of a mixed-use path, signalized intersection improvements, bicycle route gap closure on Walters Way. This project provides complete streets improvements to Monument Boulevard with the construction of a mixed-use path on Monument Boulevard. Bicycle lanes and sharrows will be installed on Walters Way to connect the mixed-use path to newly constructed bicycle facilities on Detroit Avenue. Intersection improvements include removal of slip lanes, new curb ramps and crosswalk enhancements.

County Contra Costa
Sponsor Concord
Created 11/21/2016
Updated 11/21/2016


Status City
Monument Boulevard Class I Path
Created 11/21/2016 Updated 12/7/2016
Submitted Concord