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Caulfield Lane Rehabilitation - McDowell to Ely


The project is located on Caulfield Lane from South McDowell Boulevard to South Ely Boulevard. The scope of the project will include pavement grinding and replacement of asphalt up to 6" and digouts to repair failed areas up to 12"; placement of paving fabric; traffic striping removal and installation of thermoplastic striping; installation of ADA compliant curb ramps; bicycle and pedestrian signage; and replacement of damaged sidewalks and sidewalk gap closures.

County Sonoma
Sponsor Petaluma
Created 1/4/2017
Updated 1/4/2017


Status City
Caulfield Lane Rehabilitation - South McDowell Blvd to South Ely Blvd
Created 1/4/2017 Updated 1/12/2017
Submitted Petaluma