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2019 Rehabilitaiton of Various Streets In Sonoma County


The project proposes to preserve and rehabilitate the pavement, remove and/or improve pedestrian and bicycle barriers on all the roads to provide essential multimodal connections to public schools, employment centers, transit access, emergency services, health care, retail and commercial merchants and performing arts. The project work is typical of what is done on thin overlay projects such as conform grinding, replacement of small failed existing pavement areas, removal of existing striping, followed by the installation of the new pavement. The placement of new traffic control striping, signal loops, installation of ADA curb ramps, cross walks, pedestrian to meet current standards. Placement of new bicycle signage, shoulder backing, guard rail improvements, utility adjustments all while existing traffic is routed through the project locations.

County Sonoma
Sponsor Sonoma County
Created 1/11/2017
Updated 1/11/2017


Status City
2019 Pavement Rehabilitation of Various Streets in Sonoma County
Created 1/11/2017 Updated 1/11/2017
Submitted Sonoma County