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Embarcadero Station: New Northside Platform Elevator and Faregates


This project will purchase and install a new vertical elevator at the north end of the Embarcadero BART/Muni Station. A glass enclosed cab and hoistway are envisioned to be used for visual tranparency and an emergency stop will be provided at the Muni platform. Accessible faregates will be added to accommodate wheelchairs.
This project meets the OBAG goal of Transit expansion, reliability and access improvements, is in a PDA, increases Core Capacity and is included in MTC's Bay Area Core Capacity Transit Study.

County San Francisco
Sponsor Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART)
Created 4/24/2017
Updated 4/24/2017


Status City
Todd Morgan
Created 4/24/2017 Updated 4/24/2017
In Progress San Francisco