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Homestead Road at Homestead High School Pedestrian and Bicycle Improvements Project


This is a joint project with the City of Cupertino, the Fremont Unified High School District, the Homestead High School and the City of Sunnyvale. The proposed improvements at Homestead Road/Mary Avenue and Homestead Road/Kennewick Drive intersections, will update the phasing from 6 phase to 8 phase at the Mary Avenue intersection, allowing protected left turns for the northbound and southbound directions and timing the pedestrian crosswalks concurrently; tighten the radius of the south-west corner of the intersection, shortening the south and west pedestrian crosswalks; provide direct path for bicycles to high school from EB Homestead Road to Mary Avenue Bridge Trail, install high visibility crosswalks in all directions, install accessible pedestrian system push buttons; upgrade existing traffic signal to allow for in and out circulation at Kennewick Drive signal and install high visibility crosswalks. Additionally, the project will install green buffered bike lane between McKenzie Drive and Mary Avenue on the south side, install green buffered bike lane between Mary Avenue and Kennewick Drive on the north side (south side already has a green buffered bike lane), and update bicycle specific detection in all directions.

County Santa Clara
Sponsor Sunnyvale
Created 5/1/2017
Updated 5/1/2017


Status City
Homestead Road At Homestead High Pedestrian and Bicycle Improvements Project
Created 5/1/2017 Updated 5/10/2017
Approved Sunnyvale