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Project Sponsor County
Various Street Resurfacing and Bikeway Projects
Created 10/4/2010 Updated 10/4/2010
Oakland Alameda
Arterial Pavement Rehabilitation
Created 10/4/2010 Updated 10/5/2010
Hayward Alameda
Pavement Rehabilitation of Various City Streets
Created 9/29/2010 Updated 9/29/2010
Pleasanton Alameda
Abel Street Transit Connection Project
Created 9/24/2010 Updated 9/24/2010
Milpitas Santa Clara
Created 9/23/2010 Updated 9/23/2010
Santa Clara County Santa Clara
Downtown Berkeley BART Plaza & Transit Area Improvements
Created 9/22/2010 Updated 3/14/2013
Berkeley Alameda
Street Medians and Grand Boulevard Improvements Project
Created 9/21/2010 Updated 9/21/2010
San Bruno San Mateo
El Camino Real & Victoria Ave Pedestrian Crossing
Created 9/15/2010 Updated 9/15/2010
Millbrae San Mateo
Escuela Parkway Pedestrian and Bicycle Enhancement
Created 9/15/2010 Updated 9/15/2010
Milpitas Santa Clara
The Alameda - A Plan for the Beautiful Way
Created 9/15/2010 Updated 9/15/2010
San Jose Santa Clara
El Camino Real Phase I Improvement
Created 9/14/2010 Updated 9/14/2010
San Mateo City San Mateo
San Carlos Multimodal Streetscape Improvements - Phase II
Created 9/9/2010 Updated 9/9/2010
San Jose Santa Clara
San Tomas Aquino Creek Trail Reach 4 On-Street Segment
Created 9/8/2010 Updated 9/8/2010
Santa Clara City Santa Clara
San Tomas Aquino Creek Spur Trail
Created 9/8/2010 Updated 9/8/2010
Santa Clara City Santa Clara
San Fernando St Enhanced Bikeway and Pedestrian Access
Created 8/26/2010 Updated 9/9/2010
San Jose Santa Clara
Lions Creek & W. Ronan Channel Service Road Trail Projects
Created 8/26/2010 Updated 8/26/2010
Gilroy Santa Clara
Construction of Iron Horse Trail (Livermore Transit Center to K Street)
Created 8/23/2010 Updated 8/23/2010
Livermore Alameda
Petaluma Boulevard South Road Diet
Created 8/19/2010 Updated 8/19/2010
Petaluma Sonoma
Benton Street, Cronin Drive and Pruneridge Avenue Street Rehabilitation Project
Created 8/16/2010 Updated 8/16/2010
Santa Clara City Santa Clara
Expressway Bicycle Signal Detection
Created 8/10/2010 Updated 8/10/2010
Santa Clara County Santa Clara